Our 3 Step Program

Here's a closer look at our new franchisee approval process.

First, you will need to fill out our "Franchise Information Request Form". If you are selected, the Regional Franchise Recruitment Manager will contact you and send you a more detailed Franchisee Application.

Once we receive your completed Franchisee Application, the Local Franchise Recruitment Manager will contact you regarding the additional requirements of the approval process.


1. Contact and Application:

Start by filling out our Franchise Information Request Form: Franchise Information Request Application

If selected, a Regional Franchise Recruitment Manager will contact you. You will then be asked to complete and return a comprehensive Franchisee Application.


2. Evaluation:

At this point, if you are selected, you will be asked to:

- Meet with the Pizza Garden to review the complete application.
- Undergo a background investigation.
- Meet with appropriate Pizza Garden management team members.


3. Approval:

Begin the market development zone and site selection process. If you are approved as a new franchisee, you will then need to undergo restaurant training.

Please understand that this process will likely include additional steps and requirements, and may vary from region to region in accordance with local laws and processes.


Ready for the Step 1 and would like to request franchise information?